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Young Thinkers

Have you got strong views on an issue affecting Seychelles society? Do you want to debate it? Write about it? And formulate an action plan, or a publicity campaign to address it?

The Young Thinkers programme of the Jj Spirit Foundation is the ideal avenue for discussions, visioning exercises, and expressing your views as a youth.

Every view counts. Every effort to make the world a better place counts.

The Foundation organizes debates, public-speaking opportunities and brainstorming exercises, which enables its members to contribute to valuable discussions as part of civil society.

For example one such discussion on environmental conservation and the perils of climate change in 2012, led to the writing of the lyrics and production of a music video which called ‘Respect for Life,’ which was entered in the Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest and won 5th place in the world, and 1st in Africa.

Become a Young Thinker today, by applying to become a member of the Foundation.