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The Organisation

The Patron

Mr. James Alix Michel, who served as the third President of the Republic of Seychelles (2004-2016), is the patron of the Jj Spirit Foundation. He created a youth foundation because he believes in the youth of Seychelles and has worked hard to improve their education and wellbeing.

While he was Minister for Education, President Michel was responsible for the democratization of the islands’ education system in the early 1980s. Today all Seychellois children have access to a minimum 13 years of non-fee paying education and equal opportunities to learning. A keen educationalist, President Michel created the University of Seychelles, which opened on 17th September 2009. Today he remains its chancellor.

He is known for his visionary and strong leadership in the implementation of sustainable environmental, economic and social renaissance programmes during challenging times, as well as introducing youth leadership programmes, as well as appointing young leaders to high office.

President Michel is a keen advocate of the Blue Economy concept and the fight against climate change.

The Board

The Foundation has a Board of Directors and Executive Chairperson of the Board who have oversight of the way the organisation is managed.

The Board Members are as follows:

Mrs. Lise Bastienne Executive Chairperson
Mr. Jimmy Port Louis Vice-Chairperson
Dr. Fred Eli Arissol Treasurer
Ms Stacy Nair Secretary
Mr. Gerard Pierre Member
Dr. Winnie Low-Wah Member
Mr. Alex Sophola Member
Ms. Berguitta Crispin Member
Mr. Travis Ernesta Member
Ms Tania Jeremie Member

The Chairperson

Mrs. Lise Bastienne is the Chairperson of the Jj Spirit Foundation. She was part of the team of young people who worked with President James Michel to set up the Jj Spirit Foundation and was the first Vice-Chair of the Foundation in 2008. A former teacher, Mrs. Bastienne is known for her humility, patriotism, kindness and formidable energy. Many of her former students joined to help her at the foundation where she makes great effort to develop programmes to address social injustice and find ways to assist young people who have who have talent but do not have the finances to develop them. Mrs. Bastienne was previously the Secretary General in the Office of the President. 



Youth Leaders

The Foundation has youth leaders in all 25 districts of the Seychelles, in the main islands namely Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. 

Each district has a committee which comprises of a youth leader as a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer and three other members, and they are responsible to implement activities in their respective district and to gather the members and invite them in the national activities the foundation organises.

Youth Leaders are young, dynamic youth who are willing to demonstrate their interest and commitment on a voluntary basis.   

All youth leaders are appointed by either a panel of staff  or members in their respective district.  The youth leaders is a resident in their own district.  The terms of the appointees is for two years and is be staggered to provide for continuity for the committee.  

Other subcommittees can be established within the district, depending on the specific needs of the district.  Each district should have one monthly meeting. During this meeting different activities that fall under the four programmes are discussed.  In some cases the Jj Spirit Foundation’s staff attend those meetings.

The district plans are the key tools and more emphasis must be given to the social aspects of community development.


Who’s who in the Foundation?

Staff Title
Ms Lindy Cupidon Administration Manager
Ms Renette Bonne Events Coordinator
Mr Jean-Claude Nicette Office Support Officer
Mrs Gina Cesar-Brioche Liaison Officer – Inner Island
Miss Ornella Ernesta Secretary
Youth Leader District
Ms Menda Ernesta Anse Aux Pins
Miss Sharrel Arnphie Anse Boileau
To be confirmed Anse Etoile
To be confirmed Anse Royale
Mr Archille Sifflore Au Cap
Ms Jenny Rachel Baie Lazare
Mr Mervin Vidot Baie St Anne Pras
Mr Nigel Simeon Beau Vallon
Miss Shabella Etienne Belombre
Mis Catherine Didon Bel Air
Mr Michel Pierre Cascade
Mr Conrad Mounac English river
No Youth Leader Glacis
Vaina Joseph Grand Anse Mahe
Mr Denis Antat Grand AnsePraslin
Ms Lubina Constance La-Digue
Mr Salim Antat Les Mamelles
Ms Stephanie Bonte Mont Buxton
No Youth Leader Mont Fleuri
Daryl Padayachy Plaisance
Mr Paul Michel Perseverance one
Ms Kimberly Joseph Perseverance two
Mr Vincent William Pointe Larue
Mary-Vonne Auguste Port Glaud
Samia Adeline Roche caiman
Ms Farana Commettant St Louis
Maurice de Gonzague Takamaka