»  ‘Sesel i Annan Talan’ Competition

‘Sesel i Annan Talan’ Competition

Have you got a good voice? Are you a poet, an actress, or a painter? Are you a great sportsperson? Do you want to test your talent and start a music career?

‘Sesel i Annan Talan’ gives you an opportunity to do that. Click here to apply and click here for the competition requirements.

The competition has new categories, previously it was only for singers, now painters, poets, filmmakers as well as acting talents can take part.

The Jj Spirit Foundation is honoring the power of music, arts, film-making and sports to improve the lives of young people with its the competition, ‘Sesel i Annan Talan,’ hosted by popular Seychellois TV presenter Raymond Clarisse, who is a member of the foundation.

The Biggest and Best Talent Show in Seychelles

‘Sesel i Annan Talan’ has transformed the landscape of musical opportunity in the Seychelles where it allow young people to find their way, take charge of their lives and unlock their hidden potential.

The competition is known for a demanding, and broad repertoire.The panel of judges has in the past included celebrated Seychellois singers such as Patrick Victor, Jany de Letourdie, Jean-Marc Volcy and once even had a Chinese opera singer and teacher, Xiaoju Lownam

Different elimination rounds are organized by the foundation. A panel of judges  chooses the ten best competitors for the semi-final. From the semi-final the top three competitors compete in the Grand Final competition live in front of a large crowd, which is also broadcast on SBC TV.

The foundation supports and develop the exemplary talents at every stage of a young person’s development.

The first song competition ‘Sesel i Annan Talan’ was held on the 18th July 2009.  

The competition was organizing on a yearly basis from 2009 – 2012, and then it was decided to organize it every two years, so the 2014 competition was back even bigger and better!

List of past winners.


Photos courtesy of Seychelles Nation and Seychelles News Agency.