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Message from the Patron

In the modern Seychelles the youth have an abundance of opportunities, to educate themselves, to develop their talents and skills, to work and start a meaningful career, to make a difference in their communities.

The youth never fail to amaze me with their talents, their vibrant optimism, their zest for life and their remarkable ideas, which are an inspiration compelling us to work harder to provide them with the foundations of a better future. 

I strongly believe that if they are given the right tools, motivation and guidance, our youth will become the upright, hardworking and conscientious citizens of tomorrow, who will make their parents and their nation proud. 

By being responsible, resilient and realistic, as embodied by the motto of the Jj Spirit Foundation, they will face the challenges of life with determination and strength, whether it is in their volunteer work, in starting a new business, or developing their talents in their sphere of interest. 

Many young people are vulnerable and can become easily influenced by peer pressure to engage in antisocial behaviour and fall into the temptations of drugs and alcohol abuse. 

The Foundation ensures that they develop a healthy lifestyle and provides them with good influences in their lives, the positive mentors, the helping hand to make their dreams a reality, and the sports and cultural activities that will keep them focused and out of harm’s way. 

The Jj Spirit Foundation is a movement for positive change in the lives of our young people. It helps them understand the endless possibilities of a good and successful life, gives them the skills to start a career of their choice and also teaches them the importance of helping the less fortunate, the sick and the disabled in society. 

The best way we can give our youth a better world, is a chance to let them envision it, work for it, and develop the living values that are needed for a peaceful, just and equitable society. 

The Jj Spirit Foundation opens the door to that better world, welcoming all youth with open arms!

James Alix Michel

Former President of the Republic of Seychelles