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Mentoring and teaching

The Jj Spirit Foundation believes in the sharing of knowledge between different generations. Becoming a mentor with the Foundation, enables you to give the youth a chance to learn through your guidance and experience.

Mentors can be of all ages. If you are interested to apply to become a mentor, contact the Foundation.

New Skills and a New Path in Life

If you have a unique skill or experience that you wish to share with young people, the Foundation welcomes you to organize a seminar or regular training sessions.

For example, popular musicians and singers like Patrick Victor and Bennet Accouche, mentor young people with singing or musical talents. Also Editor-in-Chief of Kreol magazine, Georgina Dhillon has helped to educate young members, by bringing them to London and teaching them organizational skills and giving them career guidance.

Other mentors give classes in cookings skills, office management, modelling, counseling against drug addiction or give careers guidance.

Some youth experience a rebellious phase. Some have behavioral problems or struggle with addictions. Some students who have been expelled from school, or suspended, or those who have shown difficult behavior, need a good mentor to help them get out of a cycle of negativity.

The Jj Spirit Foundation organizes opportunities for its mentors to meet with these youth and give them motivational talks, guide them and give them advice.

Romano Songoire is one such popular mentor. He is a well-known police officer, who in his youth was a rebel with behaviorial problems, but today guides other youth, to show them how to get on the right path to a honorable life and get out of trouble, through sports, education or cultural activities.

Gina Brioche on Praslin island is another popular mentor, who dedicates herself to helping young people achieve their full potential as youth leaders and event organisers.