»  Holiday camps & district visits

Holiday camps & district visits

Every school holiday, the young members of the Jj Spirit Foundation have the opportunity to join in a series of exciting and fun activities with other members known as ‘young spirits’ of the Foundation.


Holiday camps are organized, nature walks, historical and cultural classes and visits as well as inter-district exchange visits.

They also take part in traditional dance classes and holiday choir groups.


Holiday camps



What can be more fun than visiting another island with your friends from the Jj Spirit Foundation and a youth leader?


The holiday camps take groups of young members to Praslin, La DigueSilhouette and have plans to go to outer islands.


They discover the islands and their natural heritage, take photographs, and listen to guides who tell them more about special features of the islands.


Inter-district exchange visits



Youth leaders from the various districts of each island, organize themselves in groups and take their district groups to meet other members from other regions of the islands.


This is a chance for members to make new friends and have fun together in picnics, cultural events, sports activities and motivational talks.


The exchange visits are a healthy way to socialize and also for the youth to meet each other and exchange ideas and introduce new members to the Foundation.


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