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Drug rehabilitation

To beat a drug addiction, you need hope, you need a ray of light to guide you out of the cycle of dependence.

Heroin addiction is one of the worst problems faced by the youth today in Seychelles.

The Jj Spirit Foundation reaches out to help young people fight this addiction some of the Foundation’s volunteers already spend time with drug addicts to try to help them overcome their addictions.

They also organize activities for drug addicts who form part of a government rehab programme on Coetivy Island, where they are being rehabilitated with physical exercises, manual work including gardening, carpentry and fishing.

Volunteers of the Foundation are also helping to counsel recovering addicts at the Wellness Centre on Mahe island.

The Foundation provides training for youth leaders to be anti-drug counsellors to enable them to convince young people to stay away from drugs.

The Jj Spirit Foundation is currently developing a drug rehabilitation programme and is in discussions with health professionals from Seychelles and overseas to organize a complete detox programme, not only through medication but also other kinds of beneficial therapies.

The Foundation is seeking funding and expertise for the project, which is planned to start in 2017.