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Plant a seed for the future trees and flowers of our society, the youth of Seychelles, and then watch them grow and prosper!

Please support our work for benefit of the youth of Seychelles.

The Jj Spirit Foundation is dependent on the voluntary support and donations of generous individuals and organizations to carry implement its youth programmes and charitable activities in Seychelles.

If you would like to donate to the Foundation, please contact us or send a cheque to: Jj Spirit Foundation, Espace building, Victoria, Seychelles.

For businesses in Seychelles that are liable to pay Corporate Social Responsibility tax, the donations made to the Jj Spirit Foundation are eligible for the 0.25 % offset against any donations made, sponsorship or projects paid for by the business and approved by a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tax Committee, of the Seychelles Government.

Individuals and businesses of Affiliated Members overseas create their own locally-registered associations of Affiliated Members of the Jj Spirit Foundation, which then are able to collect charitable donations within the country’s jurisdiction and laws, before forwarding them to Seychelles.