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Cultural Troupe & Dance Crew

Cultural Troupe 

The Jj Spirit Foundation's Cultural Troupe is led by Ronny Marengo, who teaches the members to perform traditional and modern dance and perform for large cultural events in Seychelles and abroad.

The troupe takes part in the ‘Carnaval international de Victoria,’ the Seychelles carnival that hosts many carnival troupes from around the world.

The cultural troupe also takes part in the Foundation’s own cultural shows, as well as the Festival Kreol, and other large national events like the launch of the National Theme among others.

The troupe plans to conduct tours in the region and in East Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, which is being organized by an Affiliated Member, Mr. Nico Barrito, who is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To join the Cultural Troupe, contact the Foundation to organize for an audition.

Emergency Crew- the dance professionals

Ronny Marengo together with members of the cultural troupe, are also has members of ‘Emergency Crew,’ one of the best dance groups in Seychelles, which was adopted by the Foundation in 2012.

Some members of the crew, Alex, Terry and Genevieve met at Anse Royale Secondary School, and realized they all loved to dance. They got together to dance in small ‘dance battles.’

They dreamed of becoming professional dancers, travelling the world together through dancing and most of all to never forget each other and stay together.

They then joined Ronny and Diane in the Anse Royale youth dance group and started performing in the community centre of the district. They soon became really popular and everyone wanted them to dance in their events.

They were all determined to fulfill their dreams of being the best dance crew in Seychelles and practiced hard together.

They came up with the name ‘Emergency crew’ because they were always busy, always wanted to perform at events and found themselves coming up with new choreographies at really short notice.

They danced in several shows held at International Conference Centre for the Sesel i Annan Talan competition, for live music shows, birthday parties, and hotels and then they were adopted by the Foundation in 2012.

The Emergency crew participated in all 5 carnivals held in Victoria with the Foundation. After the 4th Carnival the STB organized for the three best floats in the 2014 carnival to participate in a carnival that was Dusseldorf in Germany.The foundation chose Alex, Ronny, Diane and Genevieve to participate. They were so happy to go to Germany, because their dream of travelling together through dancing finally came true!

Some dancers left and then new ones were recruited, and today the Emergency crew is as solid as ever!