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Community action

Volunteering in the community with the Jj Spirit Foundation is one of the most rewarding and fun activities of the youth organisation, which takes place after school and on the weekends.

By volunteering you will help to promote a community spirit and your hard work will result in the improvement of the lives of the people who need help.

Volunteers learn that by doing good for other people, they can learn the rewards of self-worth and respect, as they give their time and effort to the community, without expecting anything in return.

By becoming a Young Volunteer, you can learn new skills, make new friends and have a lot of fun! It can also be a stepping stone to a new career, if you find that you are really good at the volunteer work that you do, and then later make contacts for a new job.

Become a Young Volunteer today, by applying to become a member of the Foundation.

Some of the past volunteer work of the Jj Spirit Foundation members includes;

  • Preparing and serving a lunch with cultural activities for the School of the Exceptional Child
  • Spending time with the elderly and giving assistance at the elderly homes
  • Engaging in clean-up work around houses and community areas
  • Cleaning up after flooding disasters
  • Painting cartoon characters on the walls of the Children’s Ward of the Seychelles Hospital
  • Painting and decorating schools, houses and clinics
  • Becoming ushers for national activities
  • Taking disabled children for a day out with a picnic and sightseeing
  • Planting trees and flowers