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The Jj Spirit Foundation has a thriving group of young performers who form part of a choir called ‘One Harmony Choir.’

It was formed in 2014 and is led by popular music teacher and musician Bennet Accouche, known as ‘Sir Bennet’ to all his pupils.

Composed of boys and girls between the ages of 12 to 17, the choir is made up of 41 children together, coming from schools on Mahe island.

The choir’s first performance took place during the annual Christmas Carol Show organised by the Office of the President in December 2014.

The choir also contributed a song called ‘Deck The Halls’on Christmas CD compilation released by the Foundation during that same period of time.

The album also featured participants of the 2014 edition of song contest called‘ Sesel I Annan Talan’.

Since its launching, the choir has followed a very busy schedule as it prepared to participate in an important Creole musical production which toured islands of the Indian Ocean called ‘Li Té Ve War,’ together with popular Seychellois singer and musician Patrick Victor, who is a mentor of the Jj Spirit Foundation.

The musical show was a journey between the Indian Ocean islands of Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and, Madagascar. The children of the One Harmony Choir rehearsed nearly four months for the show, which was a great success.

Photos of the One Harmony Choir in the Li Té Ve War production are provided courtesy of the Seychelles News Agency.